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april showers bring may flowers

but everybody hates the rain

the empty dread that comes 

with the drizzle 
and you ask me

where have all the flowers gone 
my sun has not shone as bright 

But my showers are strong and steady 

I will grow you fields of flowers 

and together, baby, we will pick them hand in hand .


good friday

April 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

we never felt sad,
except for when we had to sit through church
and kiss the feet
of a man we never believed in

and at that time
seven years old
not understanding anything
all at once
those words
“oh god, oh god, why hast thou forsaken me”
became all too clear

then we grew up
and the man we didn’t believe in was us
the rest,
the tooth fairy
were just  fairy tales

the only thing we had to hold on to
were moments

laying in the back of a pickup truck
staring at the stars
crying over scraped knees
but getting back up again

looking over at the love of your life
his hair blowing in the cool spring wind
singing a song

you started to believe again.


July 28, 2015 § 2 Comments

Maria liked the color Yellow
Yellow was the color of the flowers in the grass
and once she took a bouquet inside
and insurmountable look of pride and a fistful of flowers
“well, now, those are just weeds.” Momma said
and Maria wondered how anyone could live in a world
where your whole life you mistook weeds for flowers

Marie got sad once
and momma didn’t understand
momma stroked her little tousled hairs
and sang her sweet rhymes

Five little monkeys jumpin on the bed
one fell off and bumped her head
Momma called the doctor and the doctor said
“Give her a pill, cause she’s sick in the head.”

but Marie laid out in the field of weeds
and stared off into space
the pills made her gaze absently into the clouds
and she didn’t see monkeys, or elephants, or bears
or love or god or anybody
but she could feel the weeds around her
and thought
how could anyone live in a world that mistook flowers for weeds?

Independent Woman

June 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Independent Woman
lives on her own
Independent Woman
has two jobs
Independent Woman
paid off her car
Independent Woman
doesn’t have to ask to borrow money anymore
Independent Woman
buys her own beers
Independent Woman
buys business casual
Independent Woman
is happy with herself
Independent Woman
reached out a hand and he didn’t reach back.

Independent Woman.

April 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

“Nice ass, sweetcheeks.”

He yelled to her from across the sidewalk.



But did you ever top to consider my other nice qualities?

Nice ability to get through college with a mediocre GPA and a “life is great” attitude when LIFE IS NOT THAT GREAT
Nice getting to graduate school and getting stuck halfway through because math is too hard
Nice existential crises that you have once a week because you realized after six years that you want to be a writer or a singer or an actress but  went to school to become a fucking DOCTOR.

( and then realizing that you don’t have any of those skills to do any of those jobs)

So you settle on working two jobs you kind of hate

to pay for the loans that have gotten you nothing
but a piece of paper that helps you qualify to work in a job
in the middle of the shithole city

where you walk


and have the joyous opportunity of hearing:
“Nice ass, sweetcheeks!”

ringing from the derelict rooftops.

nice ability to never find a stable relationship with a man because you’re too fucking scared to tell a man you like that you like him BECAUSE anxiety has you torn up and writing love poems in bed, but not taking action.

What if he doesn’t like you back
What if he doesn’t like you back

She stared at the man across the street as the cars zoomed by.

“Hey!” She yelled to him. He stopped.



February 5, 2015 § Leave a comment

I remember
when I was young
plucking the sparkling icicles from whatever ledge I could grasp.

Eagerly running inside
tiny face, red from wind and snow.holding out my mitten-clad hands
displaying my frozen treasures

“Well they’re beautiful,” Mom would say
a beam escaping my lips
“but they won’t last.”

And then I’m 23
the dead of summer
and we’re laying on the rocks together, you and me.
boy and girl
foolishly, side by side
hands grazing

And I knew it wouldn’t last.
I knew it from the very first kiss
but it was so beautiful
how could I let it go

“We can put them in the freezer.” Mom said
bringing a smirk back to my face
“Sure they won’t last forever, but we can hold onto them just a little bit longer.”

Sister and Brother

January 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

A boy and his dog
sat on a log
enveloped in warm summer air
“Sister and brother” but without a mother
how could it ever compare

He sat all alone while his sister was home
cooking to feed the other
for daddy was gone to whimper and fawn
over the bed in which laid their mother

“Well fuck.” He said, to the listening few
his dog, the crickets, and ants
“I’ve got football today and I wanted to play,
but how can I when there are already plans?

“Mother can’t die” he thought to himself
while petting the dog at his feet
I’ve been nothing but rotten and often forgotten
her birthdays and love, semi-sweet

He jumped and he turned
a mission to do
a mission of dubious bearings.
he turned and “aha”
his sister, he saw
not cooking
but staring.

“Seriously though?”
A limerick from my own fucking brother.
Or is this my brother
who I’m writing about
is it my brother and that one time
We thought our mom was dying
and it was a poignant moment by a tree
but does it make it more poignant
if I rhyme

Or is it about some guy
I saw once in the aisle of a discount craft store
and the overwhelming meaningless-ness of life
my brain doesn’t confuse those people
but what am I even trying to say here
I don’t know
Am I doing this right
am I doing this right?

the thoughts in her head
had her face turning red
and they looked out at the incoming weather.
“mother’s okay and you can go play”
“We’ll figure this out together.”

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